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Team Talk Odette! #113- Your Ultimate Guide Book
July 19, 2013

How are you? It's been a busy and exciting week for me since I have launched my new eBook of the "7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer".

It's had wonderful feedback so far: -

"I love of your books! I was going to "save" reading them, but I couldn't resist... Thank you for sharing your tips! I love getting tips from professional dancer!"

At the moment, the main book is $19.97 for all 7 virtues. Or you can buy each virtue for $2.99 as one mini-eBook.

I had to put a price on the books because of all the work it took to format, edit, illustrate and put on the glorious photographs over the past few years.

Since, I really want you to have a copy, I've done my best to put it at the most affordable price for you.

Please join in the discussion here and tell me your thoughts about the eBook -

Are you interested? Are you waiting to ask your parents first? Would you like it available in Kindle or as a real book?

I would REALLY appreciate anything you have to say!

Best wishes,


P.S - The quote of the day is: "Live for the moment because it is all that we ever truly have."

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