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Team Talk Odette! #125 - Approach Your Parents
October 07, 2013

Especially since I've launched my new eBook "7 Virtues to Become a Professional Ballet Dancer", I've realised more and more how important the role of your parents are.

Even though you may be fully aware of what you want to achieve in ballet, at such a young age, you need your parents to share that vision with you too.

I know many of you aren't able to buy my eBooks without your parents permission.

However, more recently some of the young dancers have told me their parents read my eBooks too, which seems to have created wondrous results.

You can see my eBooks and feedback on this page -

You can achieve your ballet dreams together and go through the process with their support.

So, whether you need to talk with your family or explain again what you really want in terms of your ballet goals, you must communicate and help them understand.

Will you pipe up the courage to approach your parents?

Best wishes, Odette

P.S - The quote of the day is: “People always call it luck when you have acted more sensibly than they have."

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