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Team Talk Odette! #129 - Detach Your Emotions (tips for success week 3)
November 04, 2013

Lets continue on my 'tips for success' theme and this week, I'm sure many of you will relate to what I have to say.

Often in ballet class, it can feel like the teacher is picking on you or being personal when they give you a correction.

It is easy to become over sensitive or analyze to much into what they are saying to you.

However, especially as you take ballet more seriously, you have to think yourself as a machine.

To improve in ballet has a lot to do with your own mentality. If you want to see yourself grow in confidence, then you must read my mentality eBook -

If you don't feel good enough, or in a bad mood during class (yes, we all get those days!), then don't let this hold you back.

Sometimes, you have to detach from your own emotions in order to move forward in ballet.

Best wishes,


P.S - The quote of the day is: "When the best things are not possible, the best may be made of those that are." - Richard Hooker

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