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Team Talk Odette! #168 - Summer Ballet Tips
June 23, 2014

It's that time of the year where many of you will be enrolling in summer schools and entering your holidays.

If you are taking part in a summer school, then grasp every opportunity and use it to develop you as a dancer. Be friends with your teachers, have fun with your class mates and enjoy each lesson they teach you.

Don't be afraid to stand at the front and show who you are as a dancer, what have you got to loose?!

If you aren't doing a summer school and taking a break from ballet, then keep moving your body for your own good and do a little stretching or Pilates if you fancy it.

It's healthy to have a rest, but also necessary not to switch off completely or it'll be a shock to the system when you start back again.

Why not take a look at my ballet videos page, where I recommend a personal favourite Pilates DVD of mine -

Have a great summer!

Best wishes,


P.S - The quote of the day is: "Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun." - Kahlil Gibran

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