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Team Talk Odette! #181 - Pointe Shoe Perfection
November 26, 2014

One thing ballet dancer's can always talk about is pointe shoes!

We are constantly trying to perfect our pointe shoes to create something which fully supports our foot, but also looks flattering to our shape.

Even at a professional level, not everyone has found the right pointe shoe yet. Most importantly, you have to find the right fit for your foot shape. Then, you can move forward to make adjustments as you need.

If you wear a pointe shoe brand like Freed, they can make a custom shoe that fits to your measurements.

You can look here to read more about the fascinating quest to find the right pointe shoes here -

Enjoy your day!

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P.S - The quote of the day is: "Look into your own heart because who looks outside, dreams, but who looks inside awakes." - Jane Austen

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