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Team Talk Odette! #190 - Your Favourite Part of Ballet
July 28, 2015

I've been feeling re-inspired lately whilst teaching ballet and I absolutely love passing on my experience to other budding ballerinas.

It's great to give young dancer's more of an insight into the life of a ballet dancer and all the questions you're burning to know!

Now, I need help from you! I'd love to hear which is your favourite part of ballet class? What do you love most about ballet?

I always loved moving to the music and expressing myself though dancing. I loved port de bras!

Check out this page which are some of the moves I've been trying to teach this week -

My aim is to really let young dancer's feel free and fun whilst dancing and build a great connection together in the studio so everyone gets the most out of what they can achieve!

Let me know your thoughts too.

Thank for your help!

Best wishes, Odette

P.S - The quote of the day is: "The person with no ideas is always right. Better to have lots of ideas and be often wrong." ~Thomas Edison

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