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Team Talk Odette! #194 - Truth Behind Ballerinas
November 05, 2015

Most people wander, how do you become a ballerina? It's a fascinating art form and I know many young dancer's are dreaming to make it into a ballet company.

It's not always as easy as you think and I'm all about giving you a deeper insight into ballet dancers. It's never an easy route for any type of dancer, no matter how talented you are.

There will be rejection, disappointment and a whole bunch of uncertainty!

However, one thing you have to do is stay true to yourself and follow your dreams. You might not always know what that is and it may not always go right, but every dancer has their own journey and you are already on your path!

Keep believing in yourself and be exited about what you could achieve.

Take a look at my page here, it reveals more about ballerinas -

Best wishes,


P.S - The quote of the day is: "Only you can make it happen."

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