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What Are the REAL Secrets
To Success in Ballet?

Learn to avoid the things which will ruin your progress in ballet.

There seems to be a mind boggling number of skills to learn and hurdles to climb before you can become a successful dancer, performing to rapturous audiences.

One of the saddest statistics in the world of performing arts is how few of the beautiful, talented, young trainee ballerinas ever make it to dance professionally on stage.

Yes, the percentage of people who make it is a tiny fraction - most of whom who have dedicated a decade of their young lives, often leaving home at the tender age of 11 to train full time.

ballet dancer success

It is a scary and depressing truth that hardly any of them make it.

...But of the people that do make it? What did they do differently?

Were they the most naturally talented dancers? Were they the most flexible? Were they the most perfect to look at?

Categorically.... NO! is the answer to all of the above.

Odette has a gift for communication as well as dance, able to simplify and reveal with breathtaking clarity your future path. The seven mental secrets are available right here right now for free (just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the simple form).

Odette has used these secrets to become a high achiever.

As a child Odette was a many times gymnastic champion. As a ballet student she was Head Girl of one of the oldest and most prestigious National Ballet schools in the world. As a trainee dancer, she won the top prize in one of Ballet's most highly regarded Solo Competitions two years running. While still at school she was approached by one of the most famous Ballet Companies in the world and asked to tour with them. She did all this having, by her own admission, only average technique. You must take advantage of your strengths and go with them. You should trust what Odette says about how to succeed as a young dancer.

What is the secret of her success?

... It isn't just physical ability..... Mental discipline must be learned too.

Wouldn't you like to know how to have that knowledge too?

Now you can! Here's how...

  1. The 7 key points of mental discipline which EVERYONE can learn she will share with you, for FREE, right here and now. Just fill in the form below and you can have your own pdf copy to keep on your computer and refer to whenever you need to .....

    These 7 rules are short and sweet and very easy to follow ......with no mumbo-jumbo, with concrete examples and are designed to give you the edge.

  2. How do you get the right mental approach in order to pass auditions?

    How do you become a high achiever in the ballet world?

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    ballet dancers secretsWhat Ruins Most Dancers?

    Most trainee dancers ultimately fail... WHY?

    Check out you know the 3 physical secrets here... (you probably already know them!)

    Make Sure You Know Why Most Ballet Dancers Fail

    It's not what you think!....

    These 7 rules are short and sweet and very easy to follow ......with no mumbo-jumbo, with concrete examples and are designed to give you the edge.