Ballet Companies - A Typical Day

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Ballet Companies - A Typical Day

Hello Odette!

I was wondering what it's like in a ballet company... I know every company is different, but what is it generally like for a ballet dancer? What is it like to be a professional ballet dancer? Even if you are in corps de ballet...

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Thank you for your query, you ask a very good question which I am sure many aspiring dancers would be interested to know.

There would be two typical days for dancers in ballet companies depending on whether they are in their rehearsal period, or performance period.

During the rehearsal period, a typical day would be start with a ballet class in the morning around 10.00am, some dancers like to come independently before class to warm up or do some Pilates. Then rest of the day would be scheduled with rehearsals for upcoming performances until around 6.00pm. For every dancer in the company, each rehearsal day would vary depending on what you have been cast for.

During the performances period, there will ll always be ballet class each day. Then the rest of the day would depend on whether it is a matinee or evening performance and dancers prepare for the shows by checking costumes, getting their hair ready and doing their make up. The cast list for performances are very provisional so dancers always have to be on stand by.

If ballet companies are lucky enough to go on tour, this is a very exciting time where dancers travel to different theatres around the country, or world, and perform their productions.

The focus for dancers in ballet companies is to perform and entertain the audience whilst living up to this beautiful art form. To be a professional ballet dancer is a rewarding career but it takes a lot of endurance and hard work.

Whether you're in the corps de ballet, or a top principal, you equally as involved in the ballet company. Every single dancer has to contribute to make the performance a spectacular experience for the audience.

Hope that gives you little taster to company life!

All the best


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