Career Development Plan
Can You Become A Ballet Dancer?

A career development plan could be all you need to pursue your dream profession. If you want to become a professional ballet dancer, it is crucial to follow the right steps.

You might be determined to fulfill your dreams in ballet, but you need to follow a personal development plan and discover the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer first. Let me guide you through the steps I went through myself and see if you can make your goals a reality. 

There are talented young dancers all over the world who dream to become a ballet dancer.

Each one of my Seven Secrets holds the most crucial advice which will bring you into a key perspective to ballet.

You must remember the golden Seven Secrets to step closer towards your ballet goals.

Career Development Plan

Is it too late? Can I become a Professional? Am I too old?

Take a look at the bottom of this Career Development Plan Page‏ to see pages of guidance I have given to dancers around the world. You will be surprised at how many other young dancers have the exact same thoughts as you. 

Professional ballet dancing requires an incredible amount of determination and self-motivation. It all stimulates from how much you really want it and it's just as important to be mentally skilled, as physically.

You've probably heard ballet is very competitive, full of talented dancers who all share the same dream. You have to dedicate your life to from such a young age. If you look at my page on ballet girls, I open up on my experiences within the ballet world and how competitive it can be. 

If you are serious about becoming a professional dancer, then you need to have a clear vision of what it takes to pursue this profession. Many young ballet dancers take part in worldwide dance competitions in hope to be recognized and accepted into leading dance schools to launch their professional career.

You have to train for many, many years before reaching the standards of a professional. It is a very tough process. There are leading ballet schools around the world that offer training for young aspiring dancers, from the early age of 11 right up until 18.

The School of American Ballet is a leading example of a top place to train for classical ballet. All talented young dancers who have the potential to become a professional will commit to a career development plan and study at vocational dance schools at some stage of their development.

When I was 11, I joined the Royal Ballet School in London and spent 5 years studying here, before completing my training at Elmhurst School for Dance. 

It's not only ballet you will be required to study whilst training, because I also took classes in jazz dance, contemporary and character dance. It is a huge advantage to be a versatile dancer and it will become a valuable tool as you reach higher into the profession.

If you are wondering what someone experiences through their ballet profession, then research their career development plan. You can read about the inspiring male ballet dancers and create your own icons through your journey to reach your goals. Discover where they trained, how they reached a ballet company and what got them where they are now. 

career development plan

I like to say New York ballet is the city of dance. It has a renowned reputation in the performing arts, buzzing with ballet schools and companies.

There are many stories of ballet at the starting point for many successful stars, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Alicia Vikander, who both studied ballet before they became actresses.

Katherine Dunham was among the first black artists to form a ballet troupe and achieved historic legends in the world of dance. Merce Cunningham had a highly successful dance career and became one of greatest living choreographers, creating a dance software to further his imagination. Bruno Tonioli is now famed for his appearances on dancing shows, with his talents first beginning in ballet lessons.

Ballet can lead you into a world of creativity and discipline, as well as bringing out your performance and passion. It's really important to keep an open mind throughout your ballet training, because you never know where it may take you.

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