Career Development Plan - Should I Switch Studios?

by Tristin

Career Development Plan - Should I Switch Studios?

I am 15 years old and have been with my current studio for 14 years and recently have not been happy when I dance. Should I switch to the other studio?

At Studio A (current studio), I get 45 minutes for each lesson, once a week. I feel as if the woman who owns the studio only cares about the money. Not if my technique was improving or if I was injuring myself.

At Studio B, I can receive a full hour lesson, for the same price and the teacher is set on specific dance rules. Only dance attaire allowed, no talking unless you are contributing, asking a question, or helping another student. With this company I can also join in dance competitions for other scholarships.

What do you think Odette? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Reply by Odette

To:-Career Development Plan - Should I Switch Studios?

Hello Tristin,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from.

When stuck on making choices, I always try to balance out the advantages and disadvantages which usually leads me to the right decision.

Studio A sounds to have not many advantages for your progression. If you have not been happy recently, then perhaps you need a greater challenge. Therefore, Studio B sounds as if it could be a great step for you. It has the same price, longer lessons, more disciplined environment... sounds like there is not much to loose by switching studios! To me, it appears as though you are wanting to join Studio B.

It is great you are taking action and not getting in the comfort zone - you are realizing your current situation doesn't satisfy your needs so by considering other options is a great way to fulfilling your goals.

Keep following your heart and be happy, Tristin!

All the best,


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Thank you Odette!
by: Tristin


Thank you for your advice! I hope to continue to speak to you in the future on improving my technique.

With love,

by: Tristin

Dear Odette,

I decided to stay with my studio. I auditioned for competition team but ended up not having a chaperone and could not join (even though I made it). However, I have been invited to the elite class called Contemporary. For a Ballerina, it is VERY different! But I'm happy. We have a new teacher in Ballet and we are focusing on technique and formations.

Thank you for you counsel and encouragement!

Love, Tristin

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