Career Development Plan- False Hope in Ballet?

by Tammy

Career Development Plan- False Hope in Ballet?

Hi Odette,
I'm 18 this year and have been fascinated by ballet since i was 15 or younger(but it got more intense when i grew older.) I wanted to take classes when i was 15 but something happened and i managed to convince my mom to let me take classes only at the start of this year. It's a pity knowing i've wasted so much time.

I can't live a day not thinking about ballet. Or do something related to ballet even when i'm sitting down, like pointing my feet etc. I don't know, honestly, i've never liked dancing when i was young. NEVER. I thought it was foolish because it leaves you sweating and all tired at the end of the day. But as i grew older, somewhere in the recess of my heart, this hidden fire just burst into life. I have no idea how it happened because my life-long dream was to become a musician or a journalist. And I don't think i can ever eradicate this passion for Ballet.

I know that it is impossible for a professional career for me, but i'd still like to hang on to that little hope and for all the things i've done to just get into a ballet class, i know i can't give up. But thing is, i have zero support from my family. They feel that i have no future with dance which i beg to differ because i know they have yet to understand. Fact is, they might never understand. Furthermore, i live in Singapore where opportunities are extremely low. Schools here are really expensive and there isn't much about this beautiful art called Ballet. I am really lost right now, about what i should do. Should i like just go overseas? I really don't know what would work out for me right now.

What advice would you give for a lost 18 year old? I appreciate concrete advice because i really want to know if i should continue pursuing Ballet. The last thing i want is to live with false hope.


Reply by Odette
To: Career Development Plan- False Hope in Ballet?

Hi Tammy,
Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. I can really see your passion for ballet and the uncertainty with what to do is naturally beginning to let you feel a bit lost. The thing is, dancers always need the support from their family. This is key. Even though you might be determined enough that you could do it your own, you still need their support. It certainly isn't worth falling out with your family, as they are such crucial people to have in your life.

I know in Singapore it may be hard to find a selection of dance schools that take ballet seriously to train, but I think with your passion it is still worth pursuing no matter the situation. You must love dance, so even if it is just as a hobby I would hope that could be enough to satisfy your burning passion. The first step to get closer to any sort of professional career in dance, is to find yourself a good teacher and classes to help develop your potential.

Even if your family feel that you have no future in dance, try explaining your love of ballet. You need their advice too, as they are the ones who can help you reach your goals. With any sort of profession it can be a very unpredictable journey and even for dancers, we always have to keep our options open in regards to our future.

Take some time to reflect on what you want, what thrills you and what different dreams you have. This will allow you to bring out your different passions, as well as ballet, so you can see what more the future can hold for you.

Don't feel too lost, but excited to what you can achieve! Keep believing in yourself.

Best wishes,

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