Career Development Plan - Ballerina Body (Continued)

by Future Prima Ballerina

Career Development Plan - Ballerina Body (Continued)

Hello Odette,

I am 14 5'3 1/2", 93 lbs, 22 in. waist, 30 inches around widest point of my body. (I know I seem fat but most of my wieght is muscle) Everyone says i have the perfect body BUT there is one problem!

I am a B cup...

Every ballerina I see have flat chests, and I dont! IT SUCKS... My bust is 28 inch around, and right under my bust is 25 in. (my rib cage).

Will companies not want because I am not flat chested?

Also, what is a good diet to loose 10 lbs, but stay healthy and strong enough to dance intensly? Specialist say the first place to get smaller when your on a diet is your boobs... SO BASICALLY MY QUESTIONS ARE:

1. What is a healthy Ballerina Diet?

2. How can I loose 10 lbs. fast while staying healthy and strong?


3. Will companies not want because I am not flat chested?

Thank You,


Reply by Odette

Career Development Plan - Ballerina Body (Continued)


Thank you for your query.

Ballet companies all look for very different styles in dancers. The director may need somebody shorter or taller depending on the repertoire for the season. Not all ballet companies have ballet dancers who are flat chested. There is a wide range of slender body types.

Ballet companies will be looking at body image, but also the way you dance. The emphasis is on both elements - not just body.

All the best,


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