Career Development Plan - Career Guidance

by Jodie
(Kansas City MO)

Career Development Plan - Career Guidance

Besides taking classes and watching local ballets, what can I do to pursue Ballet on a more professional level? I am 27 years old. Can I still audition for colleges? I know I am "old". :) But that doesn't bother me.


Career Development Plan - Career Guidance

Reply by Odette

Hello Jodie,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

You definitely have the right attitude by showing your interests and being pro-active by taking classes and watching ballets. Often, you can get a lot from networking and showing your face around as you begin to make contacts which can lead you onto many unexpected opportunities.

In terms of career, ballet dancing is a short and dancer's aim to have their first job by the age of 18 or 19 in order to fulfill all the stages of a dancer's career. Dance is a particular career where you have to start training young to build the technique and requirements for a professional standard.

Vocational dance schools train their dancers from ages 11 - 18 to pursue their career, whereas local dance schools will always be open to dancers of all ages to enjoy ballet as a hobby. I am unsure to what sort of colleges would consider you for an audition because of your age, but it is worth researching and finding out.

To pursue ballet on a more professional level at your age, I suggest teaching could be a good career option. This will still keep you in touch with ballet, yet allow for your age to not be an issue. By teaching, you are still experiencing the joys of ballet yet you are guiding others and sharing your passion for dance.

I know you don't mind about your age, but unfortunately the 'ballet world' does. You could find yourself being held back as there are many other young dancer's fighting for a professional career too. However, I am absolutely not stopping you so keep up the networking and talk to whoever you can to get more info!

Best Wishes,


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