Career Development Plan - What should I study?

by Anne

Career Development Plan - What should I study?

Hi, I'm 18 years old, about to be a senior in high school, and I cannot decide how far to take my dance career. I absolutely love ballet; there is almost nothing that I would rather be doing. However, I didn't start ballet until seventh grade and I am not sure that it would be a realistic occupation for me. Right now, I am looking for colleges as an art major- where my natural talent lies. But every time I go on a college website, all I care about is whether or not they have dance! Let me detail my dance experiences to you: In a few short years I improved so much that I jumped from the beginner class to being the youngest one in the advanced class, and was put in a special class with the top ten or twelve ballet dancers from my studio. I have a slender, very flexible, ballet-fit body. I am one of the better ballet dancers at my studio, however my studio is just a community dance center. My teacher says I still have a lot of potential, and this year I will be taking ballet four times a week, modern twice a week, among my other dance classes. I would absolutely love to have a career in dance, but I don't know that it is realistic for me. I am currently looking at colleges and making sure that I can take dance classes there, but I am debating about whether or not to actually audition for a dance major. What do you think? I am naturally very talented at art and music, but there is just something about dancing that overrides it all... Should I try for a career in dance? Or is there a way I can combine my talents, and always have dance as a part of my life aside from just being a hobby? Thank you for reading.


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - What should I study?

Hi Anne,
Thank you for your message, I am interested to hear about what you are saying and of course understand all these questions running through your mind.

You definitely sound like you have both the passion and intelligence for dance, so would be a loss to not put this to good use. When you commit to something you are passionate about, it makes it so much more enjoyable and easier to dedicate your hard work to.

A career in dancing can be somewhat unpredictable though and different for every single dancer. There is no guarantee to where or what your path may lead you to.

At your age, 18, it is a peak time especially for ballet dancers to have already completed the major part of their training and already be auditioning for professional ballet companies at a high level.

I really think if you have this intelligence and talent, you could somehow fulfill it within your studies too. If you could study something dance-related that has a clear career path, whilst still allowing you to stay closely connected to ballet, this would be a wise choice.

It sounds like you have many options for you which is great, but I guess now it is decision time and you have to really follow something you feel passionate about.

I suggest to weigh out all the options you have and write down where each one could lead you too, as well as how many choices you would still have whilst choosing each option.

Best wishes,

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