Career Development Plan - Starting Ballet at aged 12

by Angel

Career Development Plan - Starting Ballet at aged 12

Hi Odette!
I know you have answered a similar question to this, but i would really like to get your opinion. I am a 12 year old figure skater, and recently added ballet as part of my training for figure skating, but after just one class i fell in love with ballet!! I would like to start it competitively one day. The problem is I know I started late in ballet, and i can only do one sport competitively. My question is: Should I quit figure skating to pursue my ballet dream, or is it too late, and should I just stick to figure skating. Ballet is really fun and I want to go far in this sport. I know I started really late, did I start very late? Some one told me most dancers begin at 3 or 4 years of age. Also do you have any tips to help me get better in ballet. Even if I don't decide to be competitive, I want excel in this sport. Also do you any place that is located near Chicago that sells nice ballet shoes. Please help me!!!
Thank you so very much. I appreciate that you took the time to answer my question
A young dancer


Reply by Odette
To: - Career Development Plan - Starting Ballet at aged 12

Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you. I've not received anything from a figure skater before, it definitely interests me! I can see why you wanted to study ballet to help your skating, as it will give you that extra balance and elegance to excel on your skates.

I wouldn't necessarily say you were too late in ballet, although it is very individual to your ability and talent. I only started ballet at aged 8 and took it seriously at a vocational dance at aged 11, I know many others with a similar timeline to mine or who started even later.

I feel like it would be ashame to quit skating, but if you had the opportunity to study ballet more and needed more time to focus on dancing then it could be a possibility in the long run. I was also a serious gymnast from a young age, but had to choose between ballet and gym in order to dedicate myself to the training.

I wouldn't however have quit gymnastics if I hadn't been given an opportunity to study in a good dance school with teachers who saw potential in me. So, it is weighing up the options to which sport you are most talented in as well as what opportunities you are given in each one.

As a young dancer, I recommend you reading my eBook"7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer". I trust you it will give you the most essential tips for ballet, which will encourage and inspire you.

I'm glad you've contacted me, please keep touch!

Best wishes,

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