Finally! A real professional ballerina tells you how to kick-start your ballet career...

Discover the 7 Virtues
You Need To Learn To Become a
Professional Ballet Dancer…  

If you are dreaming for a career in ballet….  passionate to reach beyond where you are now …. but still have too many problems holding you back….


“The Ballet Advice in this eBook Is the Key To Success

In Your Ultimate Ballet Goals.”

Hello there!

You’ve arrived here because you want to become a professional ballet dancer.

It is your passion, it is your dream! It may well just be your life.

And, wow, aren’t you just full of questions?! Well, that is what this eBook is all about.

You are looking for a way to break through your problems and find a way to make it as a professional.

To progress through any level in ballet you need the right skills and knowledge to improve.

You need the inside advice and most importantly, the 7 virtues.

My eBook series, the 7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer will show you how you can reach a professional level and how you can override the obstacles that nearly every young dancer is facing. 

Each virtue is available to buy as an individual mini-eBook costing only  $2.99 each (covering about 30 pages) or you can download the series together as one set here: -



Here’s what you are getting…

  • Tips and Techniques that no one else is telling you about…
  • Questions from aspiring young dancers around the world (and answers written personally by me to them)
  • A step-by-step guide showing how you can learn all 7 of the virtues demonstrated by professional ballet dancers
  • The virtues are available either in one download together, or individually in a set of easily affordable mini-eBooks
  • Over 200 beautiful photographs and illustrations
  • Many true examples of real ballet dancer’s triumph through struggle
  • Fully-packed action plans to give you the direct solutions to your problems
  • Why certain exercises will make you stronger and more powerful (both in your body and mind)
  • Suggestions, ideas and guidance to push you forward on your way to a professional
  • And more….

I have identified 7 Virtues in all.  Each virtue is available to buy as an individual mini-eBook (covering about 30 pages) or you can download the series together as one set.

ballet dancers

Virtue 1: PASSION This section is about turning your passion into a reality.

Virtue 2: CIRCUMSTANCE Your personal individual circumstances can put a huge wall up. This virtue is all about how you too can plan your strategy to overcome just like the successful people do.

ballet dancers

Virtue 3: PHYSICALITY This is the virtue of working your body in a specific way to ensure your body is developing like a ballet dancer's.

ballet dancers

Virtue 4: MENTALITY The virtue of how to transform your doubts and fears into trust and certainty.

Virtue 5: SUPPORT: This virtue is all about learning how to bring people into your support network.  From family to friends, from teachers to directors.

ballet dancers

Virtue 6: TIME Is it too late? This is the virtue of knowing how to get time to work in your favour.  There are set stages to become a professional dancer, but these can differ from person person. You can’t rush it, but you can’t sit back either.

ballet dancers

Virtue 7: SAVVY You have to learn the virtue of how to act intelligently, both inside and outside the ballet studio.

Each virtue is available to buy as an individual mini-eBook costing only $2.99 each (covering about 30 pages) or you can download the series together as one set here: -



The eBook:

Purchase the 7 Virtues of a Professional Dancer set (or any of the  individual mini eBooks)  and you will immediately receive it as a PDF download. You can save it to your computer, or print out relevant sections, and refer to it whenever you need.

There is a clickable contents and organised sections for you to easily search your way through this ultimate guidebook.

The beautiful photographs and artwork will keep you inspired, as well as the clear layout and presentation to guide you through every step of the way...

Above is a 2-page view of the eBook on a computer screen

Who Am I?

Ballet has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Just like you, I began with the ultimate dream to become a ballet dancer.

I went from being at a local dance school to a world-class top vocational dance school.

At aged 19, I became a professional ballet dancer. And, I still am. I have only ever danced with internationally top rated ballet companies.

I had many thoughts that one day I would love to dance on stage and be a professional. And, here I am performing around the world and fulfilling my passion.

But it did not come easily. I practiced, I trained, I auditioned. I worked my hardest to reach the goal of so many aspiring dancers.

Behind the glitz and glamor you see, there is a lot of struggles and hurdles you have to overcome.

As a promising top student, whist dancing on stage with top international professionals whilst still at school, I began to observe and closely study the attributes that these professional showed both on and off stage. 

Although I was a top student, there was still no guarantee I would be offered a professional contract even though I was burning to become a professional. 

One thing became clear...

More and More Ballet Dancers

Are Competing To Become a Professional…..

(And not everyone is making it… even the most talented ones.)


So, I began to write down notes from my close-up observations and I aimed to apply the traits these professional dancers showed. Whilst still at school, I worked very hard at it.


Then, something happened...

I became the first person

 in my school year to be offered a

professional place in a

leading Ballet Company.


You see, I had given myself the extra edge because I realised that ballet training is not all you need to become a professional dancer.

I was most certainly not the best technical dancer around, but I had learnt how to present the necessary 7 virtues.  

The attributes and traits I picked up, which I am sharing with my readers, I have now written up into a series of mini-ebooks and made available to buy either individually or as a series...






6.    TIME

7.    SAVVY

Here's the surprising part...

There are handfuls of dancers who have the most capable ability in ballet.

But they don’t know what else you need to become successful in professional ballet.

Let’s just say, a career in ballet proves to be a survival of the fittest. And, I am here to tell you how you to survive.

I knew that with the knowledge of my 7 virtues, I was giving myself the best chance to reach professional and beyond.

Brace yourself and be prepared to be blown away.

To your dancing dreams,



"I just finished reading "Physicality" and it was great! When I saw in the description of this part of the book, I saw, "[Is your body right for it?]" and for a split second I was worried; I was afraid that I couldn't achieve my goal of dancing in a company. But, after reading it, I smiled. I know now that if I push myself harder every day, I can make it. Thank you so much Odette! This was awesome and I'm going to buy the rest of the parts soon!" -Tristen

"I really enjoyed reading your e-book on Time! It was very informative, and assuring. Your writing is just right, and you continued to peak my interest!  Maybe your e-book was the wake up call I needed, what do you think? Thank you for all your help Odette." - Kacy

"I absolutely love the first virtue!  I've always had that burning passion for ballet, but whenever I dance I focus to much on my technique and I totally forget to just relax and let that passion burn through. I just really need to put every ounce of passion into my movement and technique! Thank you for writing this amazing E-book." - Kourtney

"I got the eBook about TIME and I loved it! I think it is very helpful all the advice you give in the book, you start thinking deeper and also you focus more in ballet and it is important to know that every little step we make is part of our career. Thank you I really enjoy reading it and I´m sure the other ones are great, inspiring and helpful." - Danielle

"I have just finished reading your Physicality book. It has inspired me to not compare myself to the smaller girls in my class. I am not "fat" but I certainly have curves and I used think that was a bad thing, now I accept that I'm a teenager and yes my body is going to change ALOT. I am really grateful I am came across your website and subscribed to your newsletter!" - Annabelle

"I really enjoyed reading the "Passion" eBook. I read some things I hadn't thought about before regarding passion. I think now that I have read your ebook I will channel my passion the right way and it will help me even more in my dreams of become a professional." - Erin

"I love of your books! I was going to "save" reading them, but I couldn't resist... Thank you for sharing your tips! I love getting tips from professional dancer!" - Ingrid

"I purchased these booklets for my daughter, who 16 and is in a full-time professional ballet program attached to a major company.  I feel your booklets encapsulate what she needs to move forward with hope and belief in herself, in an accessible way.  Thank you for bringing so much "heart" to the dance world." - Sandy

"I loved your mentality book! Can't wait to try out all of the techniques! I have tried some of them before, but I have never been explained them properly so thank you!! I love finding out new things in ballet. It's not something we get explained in the ballet studio. And I know I have so much more to learn about my mind!" - Ingrid

"I really enjoyed the ebook thank you for the opportunity to read it!! I chose "Physicality" because I was looking specifically on how to get better extensions and how to make my muscles look and be stronger and more elongated. I can't wait to apply the tips you gave when I get back to dance after being on break for part of the summer.  Thank you again!" - Jenna

"I chose "Time" because I am a late starter to ballet and want to become a professional ballerina. Thank you so much Odette" - Liv

"The "Physicality" one sounds right for me as I am a more 'muscular' person, not stick thin, which I like because I want to prove that maybe I will make it as a dancer." - Annabelle

"I feel so excited learning about your ebook and the fact that a lot of my everyday questions will be answered." - Louis

"I feel the "TIME" e-book would benefit me most, as I am unsure of of the next step I should be taking and the timeline sounds very helpful! Thanks again!" - Kacy

"I would love to have your 'Passion' book because that is what drives me (and all ballerinas, of course!) to achieve my full potential." - Benisha

"I struggle a lot with over thinking, and stressing myself out before and during a class, rehearsal etc. I think the "Mentality" section will help me improve my dancing, cause I know I'm able to do so much more than I actually show in class." - Stina