Career Development Plan - Stubborn Dad

by Emily
(Monterey, CA)

Career Development Plan - Stubborn Dad

Hi Odette! I go to a small studio in Carmel, CA that doesn't focus on ballet at ALL and our training isn't very good. There are two professional schools in my area: Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre and Ballet San Jose School. I am serious about ballet and I would love to audition for one of those and I'm going to their summer intensives. But my parents say that with gas prices and evrything, they can't afford to drive me there. Actually, my mom is perfectly willing to let me attend either school, but my dad thinks ballet is a waste of time and says I should focus on after school sports instead of "weak ballet". I've tried to talk to him but he refuses to change his mind. I'm almost 13, and my training from here on out is extremely important, since I want to make it as a professional. Odette, what should I do?? Help!!!


Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - Stubborn Dad

Hello Emily,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

I understand it is often difficult to win both your parents approval, especially in a career like ballet where you need your parents support both financially and emotionally.

It sounds like you are very determined to purse a professional career. At least you have your mom's support, so perhaps talk to her and explain how you feel. She may be able to talk to your dad and change his opinions on ballet.

Or try talking to your dad again. Try to find out why he thinks it's a waste of time. Ballet is equally, if not more, demanding than other sports. Not many people realise that dancers are athletes. It is our job to perform, be glamorous and make everything look effortless. Yet, the work that goes on behind the scenes is incredibly tough with rigorous training and great discipline.

It is a great opportunity that you are attending the summer intensive. Make the most out of this experience and talk to people - circulate around and share your curiosity to pursue a career in ballet. You will meet some great people and the teachers can give you more valuable advice.

All the best,


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