Career Development Plan -Ballet Dance course dilemma!

trying to fit in - is my new dance school the right one?

trying to fit in - is my new dance school the right one?

Career Development Plan -Ballet Dance course dilemma!

Dear Odette,

So basically I have this dilemma. Earlier this summer I auditioned for a dance programme called the CAT programme. It runs three times a week and offers intensives in the holidays, and personal training plans etc. It also has a range of dance class styles taught by experienced and talented teachers. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the CAT programme and have completed my first week there.
Before auditioning for the programme, I attended an associates course at a dance academy called Phoenix, which only ran two times a week. Now that I have begun my first week at CAT, I dreadfully miss Phoenix and I am beginning to doubt accepting the CAT programme rather than just continuing my training at Phoenix.
Although my dance classes so far have been fun I feel terribly alone. I am the new girl and don't know anyone else :( I have started to talk to a friendly boy who is in my year but I feel intrusive, because everyone is in their own little friend groups. It all feels very daunting and unfamiliar and I am worried I wont make any friends at all. At Phoenix, it was so different. It was a warm atmosphere and everyone was lovely, despite the fact that people did hang out with certain people etc. At CAT, no one has really talked to me apart from the boy and I feel as if the environment isn't as warm, especially because there are more people on the course. Although the dance content is excellent and the studios are wonderful, I feel so doubtful, especially because my parents have to pay a large sum for me to attend. Furthermore, because CAT does run three times per week, I am having difficulty finding time to fit in homework as well as balancing my waitressing job two evenings a week. With Phoenix, I would have had more time as it only runs twice a week, but picked CAT as I thought one would improve more if they had more classes.
I am really really stuck because I don't want to drop out of such a great school and disappoint the organiser of CAT as it will look like I am giving up so quickly, but hate feeling like the new girl and feeling so alone. Also, I have no clue if Phoenix will be able to make room for me if I choose to ask to come back there. I hate hate hate disappointing people and don't want to miss out on such a good dance programme for a petty reason.

Thank you for reading this,



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Hi Orla,

Thank you for your message. I understand your feelings exactly and it's right for you to reflect again on what you want. It's never too late to change your mind and you have to follow your gut feeling always.

However, I think you do have to give this new CAT programme a chance for you to settle in and get over that 'new' stage. Trust me, joining any new school or ballet company is tough to begin with. All dancer's have been through it, where you make a change and it's not the familiar environment you're used to. Therefore, you naturally long to go back to how things were. But often, it is these new experiences which can mature you and give you a chance to try something new. You might not always like it, but at least you're giving it a go. It's not always nice being the new one, but if you give it a bit of time there will be more new dancers and you'll become the one that's been there for longer like the others in your class now.

If you want to still give the CAT classes a go, then you'll have to be very focused and treat each class with a curiosity to learn and improve. Remember your love for dancing and try not to be self-conscious of what others think of you.

I hope this helps, but remember, we've all been there. It feels comforting to go back to what you're used to, but will that fulfil your passion for ballet?

If your priority is to improve and try new classes with more intensity, then keep going with the CAT program. If you're still not enjoying it, it's not worth the extra stress as dancing should be enjoyable!

Best wishes,

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Odette. I have talked about it with my close ones also and we said we will give it a try. I totally agree with what you are saying!

Thank you for such fantastic advice,

Orla xx

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