Career Development Plan - To Become a Ballet Teacher

by Avery

Career Development Plan - To Become a Ballet Teacher

I live in the UK I am 19 female and taking a ballet class once a week at my college (it is a level 2 programme) next year I can progress to a two year level 3 and then on to university aged 22.

I am so passionate about ballet I think about it constantly all day, every day, I feel I need to practice and learn I have even bought home DVD's as work outs and read up on it and think how to perfect it every day. I am only a basic beginner but I am doing well and do well in my class because I love it so much. my course also does tap, acting, theatre, contemporary, jazz and urban. I like them all but I love the ballet the most I want to give it my everything I will do anything in that class and if I fainted I would get right on up and keep pushing harder and harder for it. I have very little money but I would be willing to take an adult ballet class as an extra on a weekend.

My dance teacher said I am too old for professional dancer but I can become a dance teacher she did not specify what kind. I would LOVE to do ballet as a teacher.

Am I too old to become a ballet teacher? please help me. I live in England.


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - To Become a Ballet Teacher

Hello Avery,
Thank you for contacting me, I am uplifted by your passion for ballet. It is inspiring and exactly the kind of attitude you would need to share with young students as a ballet teacher. I absolutely do not think you are too old to become a ballet teacher. I have come across ballet teachers of a range of ages, from as young as 20 to as experienced as 70 years old! I do not know their exact qualifications, but I know they are able to teach and share their passion too.

Having not yet become a ballet teacher myself, I am unsure to recommend you a direct course or study to enable you to teach ballet. It would be ideal for you to talk to your own teacher again and find out her path to how she became a ballet teacher.

I know that in England, the RAD (formerly known as the Royal Academy of Dance) is a very well known and common course that I have heard many budding ballet teachers enroll in.

Take a think and do some research on other young ballet teachers on how they made it to where they are. The main thing is, you are not too old and you can still pursue passion!

Best wishes,

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