Career Development Plan - Will I have a chance to dance?

by Katrina

Career Development Plan - Will I have a chance to dance?

This is hard to explain and very long. Im sorry!

My name is Katrina, I am 13 years old. Ever since I was a younger girl, I dreamed of dance. It started with watching the television at the age of 2. I was watching a show about figure skating, and instantly fell in love. When I turned five, my mother decided to enroll me in figure skating once a week. I was deeply in love with the movement and idea of figure skating, but I was also petrified of the ice!! After two years of skating, I quit. However, I did not give up on my dream to be a star. I sang and danced (like a seven year old), and dreamed of playing musical instruments, even though people said I could not. (Now, however I have proved them wrong.I learned the guitar, and eventually started writing my own songs, and playing them for people. I told myself to forget about being shy, and to remember what I REALLY want. And I did. I started to get to know local musicians, and to play around town at open mic nights in coffe shops. I had only positive feedback, constructive criticism and applause.) I discovered the full potential of my love for ballet three and a half years ago, I was 10. I wanted to be a dancer all along... I just couldn't find out how. And, to make matters worse, I was removed. I was taken out of my home for 3 years, and put into a horrible place. The only thing that kept me going was my pipe dreams, my unrealistic childhood fantasies.The last year away from home, I did practice for about 12 hours a week by myself on flexibility and strength, which helped A LOT. I excepted the abuse from the inconsistent adults in my life until I decided, NO MORE. (I decided no more for sure when they said they would never put me in ballet, as I would only "fail") And I ran away.

NOW, I am 13. I have taken the steps to do what I want. I am living with an adoptive mother who has enrolled me in ballet classes twice a week at a local ballet school. It has only been a month since my definition of hell has ended, and only four weeks of classes. I cannot stop thinking about Ballet,Ballet,Ballet. Every time I stand, I make sure I'm turned out and I practice leg lifts and tendu's. I practice really hard for atleast 15 hours a week. I am becoming less and less sore after my classes, and will start practicing more soon. My ballet school has an all-day and week pre-professional program. I am going to work extremely hard to get in! I have until next september. I am hoping to take a summer intensive, and my adoptive mother is right behind me on all of it.. I live in a small city, but I have very big dreams. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is where I am starting. If I can prove to my mother I am a good - no, GREAT - ballet dancer, I have courage and I have spunk, She will not tie me down from my goals. I want to be a proffesional ballet dancer, Though at times it feels impossible. Do I have the right body? Adequate training? enough determination? Talent? PASSION?!?!?! opportunity... Luck? I know you probably cannot answer all of those, but what about Adequate training, the right body, and determination?

p.s -

I am 5 foot 6 , I weigh 120 pounds, my legs are slightly longer then my torso, but they do not have any slight hyper extension, nor do i have knock-knees. I have long arms, fingers, and feet... Mostly everything is long on me. I am verging on skinny, but would probably be qualified in some peoples opinion as slim. I have an arch in my foot that I have worked on, and it has proven to be co-operative... the only thing I think is really bad is my weight (I need to loose probably 9-10 pounds) my itsy-bitsy shoulders, and thats it...

thanks very much. -katrina


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Will I have a chance to dance?

Hello Katrina,
Thank you so much for your message and it has been a while since my reply, because I have been thinking about all the questions you ask and the guidance you need help on.

I am quite fascinated by your story and how you are still so young, with all the possible potential for you in your future for whatever you decide to do.

It is hard to give you ALL the advice right here and right now, because there is too much I would have to say!

I could talk endlessly to pass on all my knowledge and give you the insights I have seen throughout my journey, both as a young student to a beginning professional.

And, I will do this! I have been working very hard on a unique book that uncovers all the questions you need and answers to and how you can become a ballet dancer.

Even your story and words have inspired me to keep writing and keep guiding young dancers through my website.

So, I DO have all the answers for you and this book is very much in working progress. You have to keep in touch with my emails I send out, until the book is ready.

On each one on my pages it is sure to give you key advice on your way to become a professional ballet dancer.

The main traits you need is to be extremely determined and focused in your mind. The right physique (and this does not mean skinny!), it includes your facility and body type. Although, there are many professionals who have made it without having the most perfect body.

You also need to be in the right place for your training with the best teachers possible who believe in your serious ambitions.

You need support from your family and friends, as well as allowing time to take its course for you to get stronger and grow in the technique of ballet.

This is just a summary, but please keep following through my website and I will be there for you to support your dreams of ballet.

Keep in touch and believe in yourself.

Best wishes,

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