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Career Development Plan - Help with Ballet and Ballet Schools...

Odette, i am currently studying at school and I wish to be a ballet dancer but does this mean I have to go to a vocational ballet school in order to become one? Its just that so many professional dancers have trained at the Royal Ballet School, Elmhurst etc.
Also, I have rubbish turnout and slightly arched feet. I am a healthy weight, i have a healthy physique, i am strong and quite flexible, have great musicality and I believe I have potential but i am 5 ft 4 and a bit and my turnout isnt good..... I am doubting myself a lot and sso desperate to improve and i am so passionate about dance.


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Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. There are many different stories of where dancers trained, at what age and how they made it to a professional. Whatever the case, each dancer has an individual path on what helps them become a dancer.

At some stage, I do believe that dancers should study at a vocational dance school in order to give the highest chance of becoming a professional. It doesn't have to be as young as 11 years old, nor at the top school, but if you have the facility and potential to become a dancer there is more possibility for it to happen for you.

Towards the later ages between 16 and 19 are the most crucial years to be studying ballet seriously. If you are in a good place of training, a lot can improve and progress during these years.

Mainly, vocational dance schools are looking for young dancers with the potential to train into a professional. You are not expected to be perfect at all, and lots of dancers have their own weaknesses as well as strengths.

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