Career Development Plan - Next steps to become Ballet Dancer?

by Meali

Career Development Plan - Next steps to become Ballet Dancer?: -

I started ballet when I was 9.
I am small, skinny, have long legs and broad shoulders so I am a good shape. I am now 13 years old.
In Cecchetti have done Junior Associates 2, Junior Associates 3, Senior Associates 1 and I am now in Scholars. My teachers think I have promise. I have always got distinction (A) in my exams. I am grade 5 in the Cecchetti method.

I want to be a ballet dancer more than anything in the world! I just don't really know what I do? What should I be doing right now?


Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - Next steps to become Ballet Dancer?

Hello Meali,

Thank you for your queries. You've given me a clear evaluation of yourself which is very helpful in order for me to give you my best advice - thank you.

From everything you've said, it sounds as though you're a promising young dancer.

By following the steps on my career development plan , I'd say you've reached beyond the "Self Assessment" and " Have Potential Assessed".

You would be on the "Take Action" stage.

Take Action

Where is the best place for you to train, study, learn?

There are many vocational dance schools around the world that can train young aspiring dancers. At a vocational school students can start training from the early age of 11 right up until they are 18.

In my case, I had to travel to a different town and board at a vocational ballet school to get intensive training. But that's considered lucky - I have known many dancers who have had to travel across the world to study at an elite school.

However, I have also known of dancers who have trained rigorously within their hometown until they reach perhaps the age of 16 and still managed to pursue a career in ballet.

This next stage is telling you to make sure you're in the best dance school for you to reach your fullest potential as a ballet dancer. It means thinking about the possibility to train at a vocational dance school which gives dancers every opportunity to fulfilling their dancing careers.

All the best


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