Career Development Plan - When to Start Auditioning?

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Career Development Plan - When to Start Auditioning?

I've been dancing ballet for almost a year, and have had a couple more years of other dance classes that I have taken. I don't have my pointe shoes yet, and I know people who audition usually have them. Is there still a way I can audition for something?


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Hello Larisa,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

To begin with, it depends how old you are. I auditioned for a vocational dance school at aged 11. I had only just began pointe, but some of the other girls had not started yet, so you don't always need to worry about not beginning pointe. But, again, it depends on you age.

Professional dancers can start training from the early age of 11 right up until they are 18. You can audition for vocational dance schools between these ages. The schools are located around the world and regularly offer auditions for aspiring dancers.

Take a look at my Personal Development Plan. This will show you the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer.

All the best,


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