Career development plan- Is Ballet Possible at Aged 14?

by Alicia

Career development plan- Is Ballet Possible at Aged 14?

Hi Odette!
My name is Alicia, I am 14 years old. I have been dancing ever since I was about 3 but I still dont feel im that good... I am currently studying level 5 ballet and it is my dream to become a professional dancer. I live in norfolk so im no where near any proper ballet schools like the royal ballet and I dont think my mum would let me go to any of them as its so far away and really expensive... and even if I audition am I too old at 14 dont you have to have intensive training before hand? im not sure... as I ve thought about maybe auditioning fo he royal ballet upper school when im sixteen but would I have chance if I hadnt been to a proper residential ballet school?
yours sincerely,


Reply by Odette

To:- Career development plan- Is Ballet Possible at Aged 14?

Hi Alicia,
Thanks for contacting me it's great to hear from you. I can really understand how you are feeling, but you must remember there are many great professionals who didn't start properly training until a later age. I like to use the examples of Melissa Hamilton and Misty Copeland.

Melissa Hamilton is now in the Royal Ballet and didn't start training seriously until the age of 16. Despite the incredible dancer she is now, she didn't get accepted into the Royal Ballet School. Misty Copeland is an American dancer and inspiration to many young dancers, as she started ballet at aged 13 and studied at smaller ballet schools. Now, she is a soloist with American Ballet Theatre.

You don't always have to have intensive training before you join a vocational ballet school. If they can see your potential and physical ability, then they will accept you no matter your previous training.

However, schools like the Royal Ballet can often disappoint a lot of young talented dancers who do not get accepted despite their great ability. There is such a huge competition, so even if you do not get in it doesn't mean you have lost your chance to become a professional.

You must always always keep your options open, as well as looking beyond what you think might be the best place you have go. Mainly, it is important to find somewhere that appreciates you as the dancer you are and willing to work to develop what you have.

Best wishes,

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