Career Development Plan - Fantasy or dream

by Zoe Katherine
(Normanhurst, sydney)

Career Development Plan - Fantasy or dream

Hi Odette
My name is Zoe and i am 16.
I love dancing and I never want to stop, on ething in my way howver is that I am getting Arthritis and I go to boarding school. Iis very difficult for me to be continuing with ballet- but i really want to be a professional dancer one day. The problem is I know that I might be able to do it, but not at the dance school I attend now. The classes i go to are more like free classes; but I want to improve on my technique. I have asked my Mum about a school near where I am, but i would have to catch the train. She doesn't think that that is safe and if I were to catch a taxi, it would be more expencive than it already is! What I need to know is my dream a fantasy or can it ever come true? And is there anything that I can do to convince my Mum to let me go?
Please, I am in desperate need of your help


Reply by Odette

Career Development Plan - Fantasy or dream

Hello Zoe,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

Firstly, perhaps seek advice of your doctor or a physiotherapist to find out if a professional dancers career will be manageable for you with your arthritis. It would highly depend on how serious your arthritis is, I am sure you can get professional advice on ways to manage it.

It will hugely depend on your current ability and the action in which you take to whether you can pursue a professional career in ballet. It is crucial to follow the right steps if you want to become a professional dancer. If you are determined to fulfill your dreams in ballet, then follow the personal development plan which are the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer.

If you are contemplating on taking up dancing as your profession, it is right for you to assess where best place is for you to train. The process to become a professional ballet dancer is very extensive and dancers do have to train rigorously each day for years to develop the strength that's required for ballet.

Many dancers have to make a lot of sacrifices to become a professional which can mean traveling out of town. In my case, I had to travel to a different town and board at a vocational ballet school to get intensive training. But that's considered lucky - I have known many dancers who have had to travel across the world to study at an elite school.

I understand you are in a tricky situation, but perhaps double check and see if there are any other dance schools nearer in your area which you can train at. Even look at getting some private lessons to get the intense tuition you would need. Although I appreciate cost is an issue, so you will need your families support. Try talking to your mum and explain your curiosity to pursue a professional dancer career, as you will always need someone supporting you alongside the way to become a dancer.

All the best,


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