Career Development Plan - Hope For a Career in Ballet?

Career Development Plan - Hope For a Career in Ballet?

Dear Odette,
I am 15 years old and I am currently taking private lessons once a week with a teacher in the nearby town. The only dance experience I have previously had is 1/2 a year of jazz/lyrical, 1/2 a year of ballet when I was about 7 or 8, and a year of pre-pointe last year.
One thing I am worried about is that I am not getting enough training. Since I live in the country it is a bit of a drive to get to the nearest town that offers ballet, and I only have lessons once a week for 45 minutes each.
Do you think it is possible that I will ever be able to have a career in ballet? It is my passion to dance, and I really can't imagine not being able to get to do ballet professionally, or at least be able to join a good company. I am definitely willing to work hard to become better, but right now as I am only able to take such a minimal amount of lessons, do you think I will ever be able to fulfill my dreams?


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Dear Simone,

Thank you for contacting me it is a pleasure to hear from you.

To have the chance for a career in ballet, it is crucial to have regular training to build the strength that is required for ballet to become professional. At the age of training, from 11 to 18, it is crucial to use this time to develop as a dancer. This is why a lot of striving dancers choose to train at a vocational dance school so they are able to have regular ballet classes in a disciplined manner. It is this sort of intense training which is necessary to have a successful career in ballet.

I understand you are worried about this, but take a positive approach and do your best to take action and make a change. As a dancer, you experience worries all the way through your career, but it is up to you how you deal with it to make it a positive outcome.

Because you live in the country, it is difficult to look for regular ballet classes without travelling all the time. If you have potential to become a professional, a vocational dance school could be a possibility to fulfill your dreams. I suggest you talk to your family and ballet teacher, as you always need the support of others to progress in dance.

You know what you need to do to have a career in dance, so start thinking of the many options and make sure you follow what you want to do.

Best wishes,


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by: Molly Larkin

Hi, i am 14 years old and i have done ballet since i was 3 but i feel like i am getting no help from anyone. I need advice to become a professional dancer. My life is ballet its what i live for and everyone around knows that i just cant imagine my life any other way. I dont know how to make this life happen. Do you have any advice?

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