Career Development Plan - A Gift Given

by Stefanie
(Napa, CA)

Career Development Plan - A Gift Given

I'm old, but have the right body and natural inclination for ballet. What one earth should I do with all this!?!? Ballet is the greatest passion I've ever had in my life and was a gift given (and then given back after a knee injury) from God. I hope to dance and be happy; I already teach but would love better to teach dance; more than that - I hope to create a dance ministry from people someday, Lord willing. Any ideas or advice? I dance everyday and do conditioning and stretching each day too. I have classes three days a week, as long as nothing gets canceled, but I never get my fill of it.

Thank you! And God bless!



Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - A Gift Given

Hello Stefanie,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you and I am intrigued by your queries.

You say you hope to dance and be happy, but what not already makes this possible?

You are doing a fine job already - teaching, dancing everyday and stretching etc. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities of what more you could do.

A dance ministry is a marvelous idea! If you are determined to make something like this happen then 'take action' and think about the things you can do to pursue this idea. For example, is there a location of where you could gather people? Or do you know people who can support you with this creation?

It sounds as if you are wanting more than what you have already got. This ambition is great, but do not get too tied down with wanting more. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and realize all that we have already accomplished.

I am inspired by your passion. It sounds as if you are very committed to dance and it is refreshing to hear your enthusiasm. If you hope to be happy, happiness comes from within .... don't look for it, follow your passion and you'll be happy.

"Enjoy life and the beautiful gift you have been given. Enjoy your youth and notice how the light falls on the water."

- An inspiring quote that says to enjoy every second, absorb the beauty and treasure your talents!

All the best,


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