Career Development Plan - Dream Company is Joffrey Ballet

by marie
(san francisco ca)

Career Development Plan - Dream Company is Joffrey Ballet

I started ballet when i was 13 almost 14 and now i'm 15 in ballet level 5/6 in pre pointe class . i really want to be a professional ballet dancer at a company my dream company is the joffrey ballet in chicago i'm going to there summer camp this summer by the way my cousin works at the joffrey ballet as a dancer and choreographer for other dance styles . i believe i can do this i have to try i can't go down without a fight for what i want to do so badly . i feel like if i can make good progress maybe at age 17 or 18 i can audition for a trainee program at the joffrey or san francisco ballet and i could do summer intensives and hopefully i could join one of the companys when i'm 19 i know that is very late but like i said i have to try if i don't get excepted i guess i can look into being a ballet teacher or something at a recreational studio but that's not really my dream at the moment i look up ballet late starters on the internet and all i see is people saying you have to start at age 8 or 9 to be a pro . sometimes i stop and think to myself all this hard work i'm doing and i might get turned down then i think you know it's worth it even if i don't make it atleast at the end of the day i can say i tried i'd very much rather be doing something i love so much than going to work everyday at a boring job saying to myself i can't wait until this shift is over . i don't want that to be me and it won't . i just am not to sure how i'm going to do this all . :)


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To:- Career Development Plan - Dream Company is Joffrey Ballet

Hi Marie,
Thanks for contacting me, it's really great to hear from you. I was interested in reading your message, especially because it seems you know what you are talking about - you have a very clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to be, so trust this and follow your instincts.

I think it is very helpful you have family within the ballet world already. It is great you have a cousin who is already working in a prestigious ballet company, because it gives you a realistic idea of the professional life. Every dancer always need a close mentor, or someone to look up to, so you must talk to your cousin too and let them help your thoughts as well.

You have a good idea of the stages to become a dancer. I say, there is NOT an exact age you must start in ballet to make it as a professional. Obviously, if you have not yet started ballet, or are not taking regular classes, then that is the FIRST step you must take before even thinking about anything else.

There are always different stages to when you can take full time training, or how you progress into a ballet company. The best thing I can say for you know is to focus on your training.

If you are in a good, serious place of training then you can work hard towards your goal as well as being in an environment that supports what you want. It is a GREAT idea to join the summer camps and courses, because this will help you get noticed as well as improve your ability.

Let me know your thoughts and keep on touch. Remember, you must always take one step at a time. You may have that one future goal, and one passion, but to make it happen you can only take one step at a time.

Best wishes,

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by: marie

yeah i'm in ballet level 5/6 i go several times a week .


When is the latest you can join a company

by: Anonymous

I think it is 19 maybe 20 i'm not to sure but you can google it :)

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