Career Development Plan - Left Behind? Drama queen?

by Abigailia

Career Development Plan - Left Behind? Drama queen?

Until I was eight years of age, starting from when I was 3, (I'm now 13) I attended ballet and modern dance class for 45 minutes per lesson every week. Unfortunately, I was always the drama queen of the class, and zi would always burst into tears whenever something little upsetted me.m I was also entitled: The Class Clown, and found myself without a costume on numerous shows, coincidentally, there would always be one costume missing, and it would always be me who never got one. I used to cry then, as well. I was forced to leave at age eight because we were moving to Scotland, but now that we're back, I want to join again. I have three worries:

1) I'm afraid that people will still think I'm a drama queen who always cries.
2) I'm afraid that it is too late to ever become proffessional, as I always dreamed.
3) I fear that everyone will be so advanced compared to me, using their French words and everything, and I will be babied, shown up.

Thank you.


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Left Behind? Drama queen?

Thank you for contacting me, it’s great to hear from you. Ok, so a lot of your worries can be solved quite instantly within just your approach and way of thinking. It may sounds strange, but when you start to believe in yourself more and build your confidence then you will not be affected so much by what other people think of you. Nor will you get conscious to compare yourself to others, as you won’t need to if you are focused on your own journey.

I know when you are younger it is easy to worry and feel afraid of many things, yet you must learn to have confidence in each step you take and build a strong mentality. This takes time, but if you want to feel good and succeed in what you want, then a positive approach is crucial to getting what you want.

If you want to join ballet again, then don’t let anything stop you. I know it might feel hard, but you can go back on a fresh start and new beginning. Don’t worry about what you were like, or whether people might judge you, because their opinions don’t really matter in the big picture of things. You must follow what you want and don’t be afraid of your weaknesses, but strive each day to improve it. Nothing ever has to be pristine perfect, so allow yourself to make mistakes and go for it.

Forget and move on from anything you might have done before. Be strong and follow what you want!

Best wishes,

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