Career Develpment Plan - Ballet at Aged 18

by Stone snowden
(Atchison Kansas USA)

Career Develpment Plan - Ballet at Aged 18

My parents don't allow me to take dance lessons anymore is it possible to become a dancer with out taking ballet lessons and if not is it possible to start at 18 years of age


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Develpment Plan - Ballet at Aged 18


Thank you for your message. I understand it is hard to pursue what you want without your parent's permission. Even though I think you do not necessarily have a ballet related family to become a dancer, I do believe of the most important factors is to have your family's full-time support. You need so much help through the process of becoming a dancer and the people around you are the ones who can support you best.

You absolutely must take ballet lessons if you want to become a dancer. At a later age of 18, many ballet dancer's are already beginning their career in a professional company. There are many other styles of dance apart from ballet that have more flexibility within how old you have to be, such as musical theatre or modern dancing.

The first step for you would be to find ballet lessons to begin with. I would take a look at my personal development plan which shows the gradual stages of becoming a dancer.

Best wishes,

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