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Being a ballet dancer is much harder than you think - but doable with the right tools in your locker.  It demands a lot of determination, hard work and commitment.

To progress through any level in ballet you need the right skill and work ethic to improve. You need inside knowledge and guidance. That's where this website can help.

  • The 7 secrets of success in ballet
  • "Top tips" on auditions
  • How to manage your pointe shoes
  • Which are the perfect Ballet Pointe Shoes for you?
  • Is it too late for you to become a professional?
  • Legendary ballerinas and what to learn from them
  • Top ballet companies
  • Exactly what ballet supplies to buy
  • How to find cheaper pointe shoes
  • behind the scene ballet photographs

and many other tips to improve, progress and flourish as a dancer.

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Ballet Passion

Since my first few ballet classes in the studio, I have always remembered the enjoyment it brings. Having a passion for ballet is so important for ballet dancers.

I had many thoughts that one day I would love to dance on stage and be a professional. And, I did it, performing around the world and fulfilling my passion.

The legendary dancer Martha Graham once quoted, “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.”

This is absolutely true. It's not easy to become a dancer and as soon as you start to loose the passion, it's almost impossible to keep being a great dancer. 

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You will soon learn how fascinating the dance world is. You will see that ballet dancers are one of a kind.

ballet dancers

So, let me help you discover and share my passion with you too. Whether you dance just for fun, or dreaming for more, you can reach your potential and become a better dancer.