Career Development Plan - No Experience in Pas De Deux

Career Development Plan - No Experience in Pas De Deux

Hello Odette,

What im going to do with pas de deux I'm 18 but I've got no experience.. I'm doing ballet since i was 5 years old.. But i still didn't do anything about pas de deux. I want to be a professional dancer.. Can you help me?

Thank you from now.


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Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

I understand it is often difficult for dance schools to incorporate pas de deux lessons if there are not enough male dancers to practice with.

However, pas de deux is a crucial part of being a professional dancer as lots of the dancing is together with a partner.

Perhaps try applying for dance courses, or summer/ christmas/ eatser intensives, that will allow you to have pas de deux lessons. As pas de deux is something that does take practice to master the skills.

Yet pas de deux is also something where you have to be strong enough in yourself to do well. So until you are able to do pas de deux, focus on building your strength and especially your core stability so when you come to dance with a partner, you are almost strong enough to do it yourself too.

For the meantime, here are some top tips to focus on in preparation for pas de deux -

- Barre work prepares you for pas de deux, so during your normal classes keep a light hand on the barre because it will later turn into your partner.

- Don't panic when it comes to pas de deux. Approach each exercise how you would in a usual ballet class, so don't alter your technique or the way you dance just because you have a partner.

- If you do lifts, don't forget to jump! Sometimes the girls forget to jump in lifts and expect the partner do the all work, but you can always give your partner a sense of elevation to help get into the air.

- Make sure you communicate with your partner. Talk to each other and discuss what you can work on to make it feel better. He won't know if you feel off balance or uncomfortable unless you communicate with him.

- Focus on keeping a correct posture and lift upwards. You should always feel as if you are growing taller and taller as if there is something pulling you upwards.

Best Wishes,


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