Career Development Plan - What level should I be at?

by Alba
(Madrid, Spain)

Career Development Plan - What level should I be at?: -

What level should I have at the age of 12 to become a ballerina?

Well, I started ballet a year ago in a very good school (Victor Ullate in Madrid) and I loved it. My teachers are very happy with me and I'm starting pointe in this summer intensive. I do 3 hours a week. Is this enough? Also, if you know of any good exercises to do at home everyday to improve I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - What level should I be at?

Hi Alba,

Thank you very much for your detailed query, it's lovely to hear from such a young enthusiastic dancer.

I was 12 years old when I began full training at a vocational dance school so I fully understand your situation. 12 years old is still very young for a training dancer, so I wouldn't worry about what level you should be at as there's still plenty of time to develop, improve and strengthen your training.

You are very lucky to be at such a good which will give you all the support and opportunities to become a ballerina.

Following the steps on my career development plan, you are on the "Dedicate Your Training" stage. Embrace all your lessons, work hard and push yourself to the maximum.

Young dancers training at vocational schools train everyday in order to build the strength and stability that's needed for dancing. However, it's important to not exclude other priorities such as academics and general fun! If you're concerned you're not doing enough training than perhaps discuss it with your teacher and parents.

There are many exercises you can practice which can focus on specific parts of the body for ballet training. For a young dancer like you, I'd suggest for you to focus on exercises such as Pilates. Pilates builds your core strength and stability which is essential for every ballerina.

Here's some pages I written on ballet exercises and pilates which you will find helpful -

Ballet Exercises
Abs Workout

All the best


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