Career Development Plan - Is this realistic?

Career Development Plan - Is this realistic?: -

Ever since I was little I have none that I want to be a professional dancer when I get older. I want to move to New York when I go into 9th grade to train at the School of American Ballet and then become a professional in the New York City Ballet. Is this dream realistic or am I deceiving myself?


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Thank you for your queries.

Everyone has dreams and everyone is allowed to have a goal and an ambition. Don't doubt your dreams, if that's what you want then you can make it realistic by taking the steps to make it happen.

There are many professional dancers in New York City Ballet who probably started out thinking the same questions as you. I've written a page about New York City Ballet. Have a look if you want to discover more about the company.

Follow my career development plan which are the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer. Analyze the stages and think carefully about each one, think about the best way to how you can make them happen.

You obviously have a clear ambition of where you want to train and dance. That's great to have such a sure decision but remember to be flexible within your dreams. Your dreams and hopes can change along the way, your feelings may alter and your path may take you a different way.

I learned that through a dancer's career you don't always get what you want and it's tough to get retracted from your goals, but it's all a part of the journey and experience.

All the best


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