Career Development Plan - Late Start in Professional Ballet

Career Development Plan - Late Start in Professional Ballet

I started to take at a recreational school when I was eight, and took there for three years. When I was twelve I decided I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer so I switched to a school that trains dancers professionally. I am now fifteen and this is my third year to take at this school. I am two years behind my age group, but I am taking private lessons once a month to try to catch up. Do you think it is possible for me to become a professional ballet dancer, and how could I improve my technique faster than I already am?


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Thanks for your message it is great to hear from you, I'm pleased you contacted me. It sounds like you have been doing your best to take the right steps to become a ballet dancer, yet I know how tough it really is. It is very hard for me to say whether a career would be possible for you, because even for the top trained dancers there is no definite answer. The competition in ballet is fierce, but there are certain factors that can help push you forward.

To start with, I would say it is very hard to 'fast track' your technique in ballet. It does take years to improve your ability and even at a professional level there is still more practice they must do. Yet if you can increase your training as much as possible and work on your personal weaknesses or corrections from your teacher, then this would be a good area to focus on. You can start working on pilates or yoga to improve your overall strength and mainly, make sure you push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of in your ballet classes.

It is excellent you are already in a place that trains dancers professionally, as well as having private lessons. You are making the right moves. There are still a good few years for you to increase your training and improve your ability, so it is during this time which is crucial to be in the right place of training and be seen as having the potential for a ballet dancer.

Keep close to your ballet teachers and be strong-minded in yourself to really know what you want. Don't be afraid to talk to your teachers and let them help determine your decisions on your path to reach a professional level.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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