Career Development Plan - The Basics Stages of Ballet

What are the basic things to know as a new dancer to ballet? My name is sikan, I am a new in terms of ballet basic foundation up unto advanced stage. I dance ballet with passion but i mix everything up and hardly know the terms.
I understand ballet is in 3 stages -basic, intermediate and advanced. so, I would like to start from the very scratch.
For the basic stage, what are the basic things that I need to know and how long can I take to master this stage before moving on to the intermediate level.

Thanks so much for your timely reply. I just stumbled upon this and so far, I've found it really interesting and educative.


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Hello sikan,

It is great you are aware of learning the basics of ballet, as this is very important to understand before you progress through the stages of ballet.

So for the basic stage, I suggest you want to focus on posture, alignment and coordination. Your posture is a crucial part of learning the basics. Posture is the alignment of your spine so of course it becomes extremely important in the way you move and execute ballet steps. If you look at a skeleton model, you will see the spine should be almost straight with no tucking or tilting of the pelvis. Your ballet teacher can help correct your posture to make sure you have the right alignment.

The correct posture will take time to master, but you will find it will come naturally to your body and it is very important the correct posture is applied during all of your ballet classes.

Alignment is another basic which is crucial to grasp. This includes having the knees over the toes when in a demi plie. Also keeping the leg in front of you when in a tendu devant and behind you in tendu derierre.

Co ordination is a key part of ballet and is taught right from the beginnings of ballet. This means moving the arms, head, legs and feet altogether and it will allow the movements to be come easier. Even professional dancers still have to get reminded of co ordination, so you will be able to master it and it will become natural, but you will always have to be aware of it.

Before you move up to the intermediate level, you also want to master the use of muscles in ballet class as you want to work in a physical way so that all the muscles are engaged. Focus on using your glutes (bottom muscles), inner thighs and abdominals for core strength. This is important in building strength in your muscles so you become stronger and have more control in your dancing.

Please keep in touch and tell me how you are getting on. What do you feel you need to particularly focus on? What are your strengths and weaknesses? It is great to set your own goals and evaluate your progress.

I am always here to help.

Best wishes,


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