Career Development Plan - Private Lessons for Ballet Dancers

by Sumayyah Smith
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Career Development Plan - Private Lessons for Ballet Dancers

Hello Odette, and thank you very much for reading my inquiry.

I have been studying ballet since age 11, however at age 13 - 14 (I'm currently 14) I began pursuing it more seriously. I'm moving to Atlanta, Georgia soon, and my mother thinks what would be best if I took intense, daily private lessons with a qualified instructor.

Where do I start my search for an instructor in order to ensure quality training? Also, do you advise taking ONLY private lessons to "fast - track" my progress to where I need to be?

Thank You :)


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Private Lessons for Ballet Dancers

Hi Sumayyah,
Thank you for contacting me, I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. I've been planning a big move for myself, but I always will take time to read your enquiry and very glad you came across my website.

I think private lessons are a great idea. During my early years of studying at my local dance school before I joined a vocational school, I often took private lessons with my ballet teacher to focus on my personal corrections and get some one on one tuition. It always very helpful and can really help you improve.

However, I also think it is very beneficial to take ballet classes with other students too. Mainly because this gets you used to working with other dancers and it is how it will be in the profession. If you only get used to training by yourself, you may get a shock if you join a vocational school or professional ballet company where you're surrounded with other dancers everyday.

Whilst it's absolutely fantastic to have private lessons, if you can mix it with other classes too this will give you the best all rounded training. Coming from a professional ballet company myself, it is really good to start working for yourself at a young age as you won't always get the attention you are used to from teachers when you reach higher levels.

I hope this helps, I would just research online private ballet teachers around your area and ring different dance schools to see if they hold any private lessons which mostly they will. You can meet with some of the instructors to see which one will be best for you, or even try a few to find out which one you prefer.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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