Career Development Plan - Age Limits for Ballet Company?

Career Development Plan - Age Limits for Ballet Company?

Hi I am twelve this year and I dreamed to be a professional ballerina. I stop ballet and wanted to join but how can I convince my parents I am ready. I have been researching all about ballet. If I join ballet again, is there any age limit to join a company?


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Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you! I'm glad you have been researching about ballet yourself and it can really help you understand what it takes to become a dancer.

There's not neccessarily an age limit to join a ballet company, but I would say there are certain expectations and training you must have done in order to join one. For example, most ballet companies would expect you have trained full time time and graduated from a vocational dance school. This is because, the 'first round' for auditions in a ballet company is to submit your CV and photographs. Therefore, they won't always see you dance before they choose who they want for the next round. They will look at your CV and see where you trained and what experience you have.

Most young ballet dancers who have finished their training and graduated from school mostly join a company at aged 18 or 19. This is the peak time for a young student to progress to a professional and when you career really begins. Once you are a professional, you can join different companies at any age but it is important to be in one already if you want to swap companies at say 24 or 25 years old.

I hope this information helps. Keep researching and read through my website, as there are pages and pages of precious advice!

Best wishes,

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