Career Development Plan - Returning From Holidays

by cande

Career Development Plan - Returning From Holidays

Hi odette! it has been a while since i last wrote to you. I can tell you that i have improve a lot in my last classes, imagine in my report card i got a 9 in "body". i was so happy. But now i am a bit sad, since i have just returned from my winter holidays (because in live in argentina)and i have not dance for 3 weeks, besides i have not followed my diet, meaning that before holidays was weithing 43.800 kg, an dnow i am too afraid of having gained a lot of weith. Imagine myself on monday my first class after 3 weeks of not dancing and eating whatever. oh odette i am going to freak out!
what would you advise me to do?


Reply by Odette

To Career Development Plan - Returning From Holidays

Dear Cande,

Thank you for keeping in touch, it is so lovely to hear back from you.

Firstly, well done for your ballet report card! If you are using the correct muscles it will allow the body to develop lean and long lines, so getting a 9 in body shows how well you are working in class. Use this fantastic report to give yourself confidence and believe that you are doing absolutely great in ballet.

It is completely normal for dancers, or any kind of athlete, to get anxious during the holidays about loosing fitness or getting out of shape. But all dancers need a break to allow their bodies to rest, so you need to pace yourself and allow time to get back to where your fitness was before the holidays.

It is sensible that you are monitoring your weight, as this will give you a direction to whether you have gained or lost weight. Do not panic if you have gained weight, but be practical about it and figure out what you need to do to get to your target weight. Eg, more cardio work or pilates to get more muscle tone.

Try not to get too upset about your body, but be aware of what you can do to make yourself feel better about it. Always remember your fantastic ballet report card and this shows how well you're doing!

Best wishes,


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