Career Development Plan - Too late to choose ballet as a career?

by Viv
(NJ, United States)

Career Development Plan - Too late to choose ballet as a career?: -

Dear Odette,
I'm 14 and have been doing ballet for a few months and I absolutely love it. I've also done ballet when I was about 4 but stopped after a while and I don't think that really helps my situation. I'm very determined but I'm not sure if determination will get me a career. I heard professional ballet dancers have to do ballet all their life and enter companies at age 12 or 13.


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To : - Career Development Plan - Too late to choose ballet as a career?

Dear Viv,

Thank you for your queries and let me say, firstly, it is absolutely not too late to choose ballet as career! I have known of dancers who have trained rigorously within their hometown until they reach perhaps the age of 16 and still managed to pursue a career in ballet.

You are 14 - young, eager and passionate. That is very encouraging!

If you haven't already, I truly recommend you reading the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page. These secrets hold a lot of valuable information that will make a positively big difference to your whole approach to ballet.

Also, definitely take a look at my career development plan page. This page carefully goes through the details for young talented dancers, like you, on how to pursue their dream ballet profession.

Do not worry about the fact that you stopped when you were 4. Just like you, I also stopped dancing at that age and didn't begin again until the age of 8, it did not affect me and nor will it have affected you.

It is essential that you are determined. Determination is a big one in my Seven Secrets so that is fantastic you have that.

Determination CAN take you a long way - just when you feel like you can't go on any longer, that determination will get you through.

Determination, confidence and self-belief is a huge part to success in a ballet career. Don't doubt yourself, just keep doing what you love - dancing. Never forget the enjoyment and that passion you have.

It is true professional dancers dance for the majority of their life, but they do not enter companies at the age of 12 or 13. That is the age of dedicated training. It is the time when dancers are building up strength and stability.

Ballet is something where you need to use all that time to develop and gradually improve on an all round basis. You need to devote yourself to the training - work hard, remember your corrections, push yourself and keep striving.

Ballet is a demanding career but if you it's what you love, it'll be worth it.

I hope I've answered any of your doubts and of there is anything else please don't hesitate to ask, keep in touch!

All the best


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