Career Development - My Body is in the Way of My Passion.

by Viv

Career Development - My Body is in the Way of My Passion.

Dear Ms.Odette,

Hi!! I am fourteen and have dancing for two, almost three years. Despite starting very late I am one of the most advanced ballet students at my dance studio. I, on average take about eight to nine hours of pure ballet a week. This is my first year pointe and I am in a beginner/intermediate class instead of beginner (gotta count for something). But I run into a problem in my ballet. My body. I am never sure if I am skinny, fat, tall or short. I need your advice if I would ever get in at least a studio company. Or just if I have a average body.

Height- 5'3

Weight- 105 pounds

Long skinny legs and arms. Very long delicate looking neck. Somewhat pretty face, but large forehead. Small eyes, small mouth, and a average nose.

Kinda flabby stomach, a four pack (okay that's the best part) and a 32B (seeing my issue)

Now I know that my level of experience might prevent me from ever making a studio company or even a company. I just want your advice, questions, or anything.



Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development - My Body is in the Way of My Passion.

Hi Viv,
Thanks for your message, it is great you have contacted me. Don't worry, it is completely natural for you to begin to get conscious or be unsure of your own body type in ballet. Dancers spend so much time working their bodies in ballet class and trying to improve, that everyone naturally get to the stage where they think about their bodies more.

It sounds to me like you do have a good idea of what your body proportions are and you must stay confident within yourself, and your body. I also think you have a healthy weight, but you can check on the BMI calculator which you can easily find online in a google search. The BMI will calculate your weight in relation to your height, but of course for dancers or any type of athlete who exercise a lot it can not always give an accurate answer to whether your weight is on the right track.

For dancers, you have to be strong in your muscles as well as lean. Whatever your weight, it is always good to eat healthily with a balance of all foods and lots of water too. You are only 14, so your body can still change and develop as well as lengthen out. If you keep on working hard in ballet and look after yourself, then this will achieve the best results.

Best wishes,

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