Career Development Plan -Too Late To Pursue a Dance Career?

by Lorena

Career Development Plan -Too Late To Pursue a Dance Career?

Hi Odette!
i've been recieving your emails for a while and i love them, i just recieved one about the career develpoment plan, and i see that you say some ages about dancers and stuff like that, and i have a question.
Im 21 years old, i look like 14 years old jaja im kind of short but really slim, i have really strong legs and feet, but i've been dancing for less than 1 year! i started last year en january, then have to drop it in june, but keep practice at home with dvds and stuff like that, and i returned in october, and my teacher really ask me about what teacher i was seeing during those months 'cus she says i improved a lot! and i keep dancing and practice at home, i have dvd's, books, cd's. I love dancing! i have good sense of musicality and time 'cus im a musician, i play the violin and the cello.
So, after hearing that, do you think that if i try a lot!! and practice a lot! and really really gave my soul to it... do you think i could dance? im studying RAD and my teacher have pass me to higher levels! i started at 4th grade, a month or 2 later pass me to 5th, then when i returnded this october pass me to 6th grade and now im about to pass to 7th grade. My teacher is really good and she says that if i practice a lot and keep improving like this i could be a professional, but i would love to know what you think.
I have natural turn out legs and im naturally flexible, and still i do excercises to improve those things.
I'm probably going to a better dance school next year that i finish law school.
I have the 3 rules of a prima ballerina book, and the terminology software, with the video software and i also buy anita's leembrugen online lessons.
1. Do you think that could help me improve??
I have the RAD dvd's and some ballet books, there any book, cd, dvd, or anything that you recomend me to get to help me improve?? you think that i could be a dancer??

Thanks a lot Odette!!



Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan -Too Late To Pursue a Dance Career?

Hello Lorena,
Thank you for contacting me it is great to hear from you. I am so pleased to hear you follow my site and I will always be here to help you fulfill your passion for dance.

Most typically, ballet dancers start training from an earlier age to become a dancer and study for many years before reaching a professional ballet level. There are vocational dance schools located around the world that offer training from the early age of 11 to 18. Between these ages is the crucial time to develop, strengthen and progress as a ballet dancer.

You are 21 which is older than the typical training ballet dancer. Other styles of dance may be more lenient when it comes to age, but I know ballet dancers start training at a young to master the the specific technique of ballet. Also, ballet dancers aim to join a professional ballet company by the ages 18 or 19 to pursue a career.

You sound like you have the potential for a dancer and the right sense of determination. If your passion is in dance I believe you should keep practicing to improve yourself as a dancer. It is a tough world of competition and there are many young ballet dancers all competing for the same goal, so you need to be realistic with where you aim to be. Even dancers who have trained at top ballet schools find it hard to make it as a professional ballet dancer.

Keep working hard and follow your teacher's guidance. I always believe to keep your options open, as a career in dance is highly unpredictable and you never know what could happen. Therefore, having academic studies will be a huge benefit to you.

Do all the research you can and discover about professional dance companies to get an insight into the profession. You can never learn enough as a dancer, so keep following the books and dvds you have for now. I suggest you watch lots of performances of ballet in dvds, such as Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, as this helps the vision to what you are aiming towards.

I would not rule out the ambition of becoming a ballet dancer, but remember it is your age that could hold you back in ballet not your ability. It is very hard to be accepted in the ballet companies and there are few jobs going to spare.

I suggest exploring other styles too such as contemporary or modern dance to further widen your ability as a dancer. You may find the profession here less strict than ballet when it comes to age.

Keep training for longer to build the stability and strength, as dancers train for many years before reaching the dream to become a professional.

Never give up your dream and believe in yourself. If you keep practicing and improving you may find opportunities come to you that you never expected.

Best wishes,
ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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