Career development plan- Affording Ballet Training

by Raquel

Career development plan- Affording Ballet Training

Hi! My name is Raquel, and I started ballet when I was 13. At first, I only did it for fun, but then I realised I loved it, and wanted to persue a career in dancing.
I started in a studio with tecnhique based in RAD, and as I wanted a better program, so I switched studios and Now my teachers are russian and I really like them. The problem is That studio only offers 3 days a week, and it's not enough. I'd also need private classes.
I could ask the teacher for more classe, but the poblem is I don't have the money. My parents already struglle to pay this classes, and there aren't any other studios in my town.
I auditioned for a professional school last year, and got in, but I can't go because it's too far away and the trips cost a lot.

As you can see, My life is a complete mess.
I'm a really dedicated student and I truly love ballet. If I could find a job I would but I'm not old enough (I'm 14).

Do you have any suggestions on how to get the money and what to do so I can persue a ballet career? (I know it's already a bit late :(...)
Please Help Me!


Reply by Odette
To:- Carrer development plan- Affording Ballet Training

Hi Raquel,
Thank you for contacting me. There are lots of young dancers who are in a very similar situation to you and I am always trying to find ways to help, so that you can pursue a career you have such passion for.

Your life isn't a mess though, in fact, you have a lot going for you: you found a teacher you like, you trained in a good variety of techniques and you clearly have the potential because you got accepted to a professional school. Don't be so hard on yourself!

I know money can be a big issue to what else is possible. There are dancers who have not been able to afford more regular training, which is why many have to go out their way to be recognised or find a scholarship.

There are big competitions like the Youth American Grand Prix, which gives the chance for young dancers to compete for world top training and scholarships.

I know that may be too much for you, but it is an example of what others dancers have done in order to get financial help.

Otherwise, you could try raising money yourself by starting a sponsoring campaign or looking for people who are willing to help support you.

Also, talk to your family and friends to see what they suggest. Do you have family who can support you? Or are there family in another town you can stay with whilst you get more training?

If you really want to pursue a career in ballet, it is up to you to think outside the box and find a way to make the impossible happen.

It's not necessarily too late, keep in touch.

Best wishes,

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