Career Development Plan - Jacqueline Ballet Update

by Jacqueline

Career Development Plan - Jacqueline Ballet Update

Hi, Odette it's me again. I hope all is well and before I get started I just want to say "Thank you so Much". You have helped me tremendously with guiding me and helping me through very tough times in ballet where I felt like I couldn't do it and that I truly wasn't meant to dance. So, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Okay, so let me start things from the beginning. The (I believe) last Saturday in May I had my ballet recital. I performed very well I think and after watching what my mom videotaped of me at rehearsal I was able to apply all of the corrections I had given myself to my danicng. My parents and grandparents were stunned at how well I did and my parents couldn't get over how well I have been improving since starting at my ballet school. When the entire performance had ended I came out and my parents told me what I just told you and standing next to my mom was one of her former co workers. His daughter I believe spent all her training at my ballet school and is now a professional ballerina in Colorado...yeah I was pretty inspired after hearing that, that's for sure!!
So, what's happened recently? The answer is a lot! This past Monday I went to the local dance store and got fitted for my first pair of pointe shoes!! My ballet teacher was there with the pointe shoe fitter. It was an awesome experience and my mom took lots of pictures including me rising on releve for the first time with my feet in parallel. I also got to stand on one leg with my one foot en pointe and the other foot in cou de pied. I am wearing Chacott Veranese II pointe shoes and I wear the melon with orange trimming ouch pouch juniors from the carousel collection as my toe pads which actually feel really good en pointe.
Two days ago I had my first pointe class which is soley for begginers. It was an hour long and the first half was used on teaching us how to tie our pointe shoe ribbons. The second half we went to the barre and spent the rest of the class doing three simple barre combinations. The first we started with our feet in parallel and went straight up to to releve then we would go into plie with our legs into pointe so we would really worm on pressing into our arches. The next excercise we would be in first position and tench our leg a la seconded and then we would press into that arch and try to sustain it and the last exercise we did
pas de bourres at the barre en pointe. My mom sewed my ribbons and elastics a little off so we redid them and my teacher will check them again next class. The Wednesday class just taught us basic stuff. But starting next week up until the first week in August I will have dance Tuesday's and Thursdays. For ballet classes I will have an hour and 15 minute technique. Class which will be followed. by a 45 min pointe class so I will have 2.5 hours to technique and 1.5 of pointe every week and will dance a total of 4 hours a week. I'm really looking forward towards this summer. Like I have mentioned previously I will be learning a lot of stuff I haven't been previously exposed To AND I will be starting pointe and most girls starting pointe have already spent a year with Ballet Iv whereas I'm starting both for the first time but I enjoy the challenge and I'll see how it all goes on Tuesday. (There's 6 of us starting pointe by the way not sure if I already mentioned that).
So, I guess that's really it...
Oh one more thing.
You know how you explained hoe summer intensives are great way to be noticed? Well, I saw actual proof this past week. I was looking at the summer intensive at American Ballet Theatre and saw that alumni from the summer intensive are now dancing with the company. I'm surprised I never really paid attention to this before. Nothing usually gets past me with ballet. Turns out Kristo Boone Misty Copeland and many other dancers started with the ABT Si.! This makes lots of sense and now I'm really understanding what you are saying.
And lastly, I'm considering also taking pilates this summer. I want to really
strengthen my core because I'm hoping that will help me with my extensions which you have been working on! Thoughts??? More details to come with that!!


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Jacqueline Ballet Update

Hi Jacqueline,
Thank you for the update, how wonderful to hear such good news from you! It sounds like you are getting on absolutely fantastic and so many exciting steps are happening for you. Well done!

I am so glad you have your pointe shoes and even more pleased to hear about your examples from the ABT summer intensives. It is so true that every professional dancer has to start somewhere and it is great you are beginning to understand the ways of ballet.

I think pilates is a SUPER idea for you, it will especially work on your core stability and abdominal muscles which is ideal for strength in your ballet class. I did pilates at my vocational dance school and still try to do it now too. Many professional dancers still commit to their exercises in pilates to keep their muscles in good shape.

To get some extra practice and in your own time, there is a great DVD I would recommend for you which is the Darcey Bussell Pilates For Life DVD. You can find out more about it on my ballet video page. If you can get pilates classes then this is ideal too, because it is important to learn the basic methods and even better to have a teacher to guide you
along for the first time.

It all sounds super Jacqueline. Keep up the good work, which I know you will, and keep me updated!

Best wishes,

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