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The Greatest Workout Videos

A ballet video by the greatest ballerinas and most superb ballet companies is too tempting to resist when you are a young, aspiring dancer. You can learn, watch and improve all by just the simple joys of a DVD.

Lets start with the famous company, New York City Ballet. They have have released their very own workout video designed especially to strengthen and sculpt your ballet body.

New York City Ballet is renowned for having the most finest dancers and global reputation.

The company has been around since 1948 and perform some of the greatest ballets including Swan Lake, Don Quixote and The Sleeping Beauty.

They specialize in the famous Balanchine's ballets like Serenade and Agon.

After hearing the impressive reputation of New York City Ballet, that is how you absolutely know you would under good care with their workout DVD.

There is nothing greater I could recommend than the 'New York City Ballet Workout', designed to stretch, tone and work your body.

As well as the different volumes in DVDs, New York City Ballet also have a Workout book which has more than more than 300 exercises for you to work your body with!

With photographs and instructions, you can focus on achieving long and lean muscles as well as the self-discipline to master them yourself.

Pilates and yoga are also very favored exercises videos that dancers like to do aside of their ballet classes. Pilates is perfect for core strengthening as well as toning and lengthening the muscles.

There is great DVD 'Pilates For Life' by the great English ballerina, Darcey Bussell, who rose to the top of the Royal Ballet. Bussell is considered one of the leading English ballerinas of all time.

Bussell always made it clear her love of Pilates helped maintain her strength as well as keep her in shape, even after having two daugthers.

Bussell has created a flawless and personal DVD in which she guides you through the key pilates exercises and focuses carefully on each part of your body.

How could you say no to these ballet videos when they are designed by the most inspiring and successful people?!

Take the plunge and get ready for your strong, elegant and flexible body.

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