Career Development Plan - Is this safe?

Career Development Plan - Is this safe?

1. I want to do professional ballet so I think I should be doing about 8-15 hours. I'm 12 and I really want to go to Julliard at 15.

2. I want to get down to 110lbs, I'm 5'6", which is why I want to be small and light, would it be okay to eat around 800 calories?

3. Would it be dangerous to superglue my toes together?


Career Development Plan - Too Late to Join Ballet?

Reply by Odette


Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

The hours of training varies depending on the dancer's age, level and ability. It is important for striving young dancers to commit to intense training hours to pursue a professional career.

Therefore, 8-15 hours sounds like good amount, yet it is still best to set up a timetable with your teacher or dance school to make sure you are getting the right amount of lessons.

At a vocational dance school, where young dancers study to become a professional dancer, the dance classes are spread throughout the day as well as studying in academic lessons. These young training dancers always get a ballet class everyday for at least 2 hours to focus on their technique and strength. There are also other classes including repetoire, pilates and pointe lessons which are incorporated into the timetable.

The physique is an important aspect for a dancer and it is natural for you to be aware of this. It is important to be a healthy weight for your height, as you need enough strength and energy for you ballet classes.

You do not want to be too light, as you want to have maximum stamina to progress in your training. Dancer's are like athletes, our body is our tool and we have to look after it in order to reach maximum potential.

In my opinion, 800 calories is far too low for a training dancer. You do not want to restrict yourself too much because, even if you want to loose weight, you must still have a balanced diet and it must be a gradual process. Food is like fuel to dancers, so you have to eat enough to provide the right energy.

I suggest you always maintain a healthy, balanced eating plan with lots of nutritious foods. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, whole grains and lean proteins. Drink plenty of water too.

Perhaps consider seeking a nutritionist if you are looking for a specific diet plan for you. Particularly dance or sports nutritionists are very beneficial, as they will work individually with you to find a solution for your needs.

To superglue your toes together sounds very dangerous. Is there a reason why you need to do this? I am sure there is a better way to solve the problem than using superglue!

To become a professional dancer, you have to look after yourself and nourish both your mind and body. So take care and be kind to yourself as well as working your hardest.

Best Wishes,


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