Career Development Plan - Chance of Professional?

by Isabelle

Career Development Plan - Chance of Professional?

Do I still have a chance of becoming professional? I started ballet at 12 1/2 and now I am almost 13. I am quite talented and I catch on quickly. I want to be a professional ballet dancer like Misty Copeland some day. I am auditioning for Canada's National Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, and Quinte Ballet School next fall. With good training and determination do I still have a chance?


Career Development Plan - Chance of Professional?

Reply by Odette

Hello Isabelle,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

You enlighten me with the great ballet dancer, Misty Copeland. It is superb that you have a model and inspiration, as it is this muse that will keep you motivated through your ballet training.

I would love to hear more about her influence on you. What do you like about her as a dancer? Are there aspects from her dancing which you feel you can apply to your own dancing?

Misty Copeland is an encouragement to young aspiring dancers and a true example of how it is possible to pursue a ballet career if under the right circumstances. Misty started ballet later at 13 and it was at this age when she made her decision to become a professional ballet dancer. Her mature attitude, determination and good training made it possible for her to become a top ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre.

It is a worthy idea to be auditioning for a variety of vocational dance schools. This is great. These schools will provide you with top quality training and offer you the chance to become a professional dancer.

Yet for a lot of dancers, it is not just the training that gives them the chance of becoming a professional. It is the drive and determination that comes from the individual that gives you that extra possibility of pursuing a ballet career.

Teacher's always love someone who is sharp and alert, so it is a great quality to catch on quickly and be an intelligent dancer.

Stay positive and work hard.

Believe in yourself!

Best Wishes,


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