Career Development Plan - How To Skip Grades?

Career Development Plan - How To Skip Grades?

How do I be more confident and skip grades? I am now 13. My friends are all Grade 7, while I'm still Grade 5. It is not because I started late, but because the teacher teached very slowly. Now I've change teacher and I'm dancing with 11 year olds. I feel embarrassed and want to learn faster and skip grades. Last year the teacher offered me to skip to Grade 5 when I was in Grade 4. But I was too nervous. I went for the first 5 lessons and I was the worst! The teacher didn't offer me Grade 6 this year..Please give advice..thank you :)


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Thank you for your query, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

The Seven Secrets, on the 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page, will give you the key answers of how to become more confident within yourself during your ballet classes.

Confidence and belief can play a huge part in progressing further in ballet. When dancers do have the courage to push themselves in ballet class they can more easily improve, because if you never try then you'll never know.

Therefore, I advise you to really "go for it" in your ballet classes, don't feel afraid or embarrassed to try new steps or attempt those challenging exercises. Show focus in your eyes as this can make a whole new difference to the power of your stance.

Your teacher may start to recognize this new confidence and feel more certain that you are ready for a higher grade.

And if she does move you to a higher grade, keep that confidence and do not doubt yourself. Ballet classes are about learning and developing so you have to need to be nervous. Enjoy!

Perhaps also try Pilates to strengthen your core stability. Having core strength will make you feel more stable during your ballet class, therefore more able to progress to higher grades.

Believe in yourself.

All the best,


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About starting ballet late
by: Maddie

Hi I am 17 this year and I would like to join ballet in mid November. I have very strong passion in ballet but I didnt get the opportunity like many others to learn. I was wondering if I start learning now will I still have the chance to skip the grades? And can I be a professional dancer? Because it is my dream since young. Oh and I also can learn dance fast too! Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and God bless! :))

Career Development Plan.
by: Eric Sheppard

Ballet dance is not that easy at-all but a knee concentration required else one can never be that good in it. Thanks for sharing your thought. The only thing I would like to suggest you is to keep patience because for everything there is a perfect timing and we need to wait for that. I can understand, you want to cover the grades as soon as possible but it's really little tough. In every stages of life, you need to seek for the advice of an experienced one which ultimately means a coach. Yes, a coach is the one who can guide you with all decisions of your life. Life coach Orlando.

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