Career Development Plan - Is it too late for me?

by Beth

Career Development Plan - Is it too late for me?

Hi, Odette, I'm 18. I've never taken a legitimate dance class in my life. I just graduated high school and have no clue besides dance what i'd want to do. Whenever I dance I feel better than I ever have before. I can't see myself enjoying doing anything else. Am I doomed to never have a career in dance because I didn't take lessons as a kid. Once I figured out this was my passion it seems I'm too late to start anything. I've been told that very few dancers can actually find work, so what is the chance I will starting so late and not sure how to start from here? I don't want to be negative, but the odds are frightening. I'm scared I'll never have a carreer that interests me, because I found out my passion so late. What advice would you give me?


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Is it too late for me?

Hi Beth,
Thank you for your message, I am pleased you have asked for my advice. Many, many young dreaming dancers like you are hoping for a dancing career. Whether they are professionally trained students, or just passionately dreaming to dance, it is something that many of you have in common.

The truth is, it is very hard to make it as a dancer but it is possible for the few that have the facility, passion and determination. It is much about the training, but you also have to be suited for this career within your heart and your mind.

For you, do not not feel regretful that you didn't take lessons as a kid because that is in the past now and I bet in time, you will find an even greater passion. It would prove very difficult to make a career now, as the competition in dance is huge and most dancers start training at a younger age to be in a professional company from 18 years and above.

I think you are finding your way and although your passion is dance at the moment, you will also find other passions that you enjoy just as much. I love writing, photography and music as well as dancing. All four things makes me feel just as passionate.

You can still take classes to see where it leads you whilst enjoying this passion for dancing.
Anything is possible, but I would start with giving yourself many options and reflect on the several things you enjoy doing most. Then, you will open up to many passions that you would love to pursue over time.

Best wishes,

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